Transport Systems

“Cryogenmash” PJSC manufactures transport tankers designed for liquid cryoproducts transportation, short-term storage and delivery to consumer.

заправка жидкими криопродуктами_СТЗ_Полевской.jpg

The tankers are cryogenic tanks with high-efficiency vacuum screen insulation, equipped with valve racks containing equipment and instruments required for carrying out the process steps. Tankers of ППЦ class are approved as transport means АТ (ППЦ 22/0,35 and ППЦ 22/035М) and FL (ППЦ 45/1,0) as per International classification ADR and certified as complying with the requirements of the Сodes of ECE UNO No. 105-03, No. 13-09, No. 48-02, No.73-00, No. 58-01.

The cryoproducts pumpless delivery technology is used in tankers ППЦ-22/0,35М and ППЦ-45/1,0.

ППЦ-45/1,0 for liquid hydrogen (before shipment to PRC):


Tankers ППЦ 22/0,35 are equipped with electric pump for ensuring liquid cryoproducts delivery to consumers’ tanks without pressure relief what allows to reduce losses while filling. The tanker is also fitted with high-precision instruments for measuring cryoproducts parameters (mass flow rate and level) for commercial use. The instrumentation digital output can be used for connection to a HART-communicator or a PC.

Transport tanker ППЦ-22/0,35: