Cryovacuum Complexes

Cryogenmash designs and manufactures the unique cryogenic-vacuum complexes and vacuum plants for centers and enterprises fulfilling the programs on space research and exploration.

Вакуумная установка ВУ-550.jpg

Cryogenmash began to manufacture cryogen-vacuum units of 1 up to 10 000 m3 capacity with working pressure of 1×10-3 до 1×10-8 mm Hg at high speed of evacuation and the products surface sterility. There are approximately 600 specialized units of various purpose installed.

Cryogenic-vacuum process units manufactured by Cryogenmash ensure performing thermal vacuum tests of large-capacity assemblies and space vehicle units with space conditions simulation (vacuum 1×10-4... 10-7 mm Hg at temperatures of 80 up to 423 К).

Among space simulators a special place is occupied by the complex КВИ, Europe’s largest space simulator of 10 000 m3 capacity and with 1×10-5 mm Hg working pressure.

Application: full-scale tests of space vehicles and spacecrafts.

Вакуумная установка ВУ-1000 в ЦПК.jpg

Cryogenmash created specialized cryogenic vacuum units for carrying out scientific researches and experiments in cosmonautics. The units feature superhigh vacuum created (up to 5×10 mm Hg) and execution universality, i.e. a wide wide-ranging research program is carried out on one and the same plant.

For Cryogenmash’s test centers as well as for space vehicle flight crew and flight personnel preflight preparation and training, a large variety of cryogenic vacuum and vacuum chambers for testing airlocking and spacewalk systems, flight crew rescue aids, space suits are supplied.

All cryogenic thermal vacuum units are completed with brand new types of cryogenic vacuum pumping equipment, i.e. external and integral cryoadsorption and cryocondensation pumps. The pumps provide a wide range of working pressures (up to 10×10-8 mm Hg), residual atmosphere sterility in volume, high efficiency of evacuation, autonomy, ecological cleanness.

Cryogenmash manufactures serially industrial cryoadsorption pumps of types АВАП – 100, НКС – 100 and electric arc welding units of ЭДВА-900 type which are used in oil-free evacuation systems within the pressure range of 1×10-3….5×10-6 mm Hg.