Tank & Vessel Equipment

“Cryogenmash” PJSC carries out the complete range of works on design, manufacture and putting into operation of the tank and vessel equipment and its service maintenance.

Cryogenmash offers the following types of the tank and vessel equipment:

  • vessels (vertical and horizontal);
  • tanks;
  • receivers.

Technical specification of the tank and vessel equipment:

  • diameter: up to 4000 mm, depending on working pressure;
  • height (length): up to 32 000 mm, determined by the transportation conditions;
  • wall thickness: up to 40 mm, depending on diameter and material;
  • pressure: up to 10-6 mm Hg, up to 20 MPa;
  • temperature: 4 K up to 873 K;
  • service fluid: air, water, oxygen, nitrogen, argon, natural gas, helium, hydrogen, neon, etc.;
  • material: carbon steel, low-alloyed steel, alloyed steel, aluminum alloys.

“Cryogenmash” PJSC designs and manufactures custom-built tank and vessel equipment on the Customer’s request.