Cryogenmash can produce the heads for vessels and tanks made of carbon or stainless austenitic steel, torospheric shape, having the following diameters:

  • Ø 600 mm to Ø 1000 mm and of sheet S = 4÷ 8 mm
  • Ø 1000 mm to Ø 1800 mm and of sheet S = 6 ÷12 mm
  • Ø 1800 mm to Ø 3000 mm and of sheet S = 8 ÷20 mm
  • Ø 3000 mm to Ø 3600 mm and of sheet S = 12÷20 mm

Three types of heads can be produced, namely:

Type 1 – the ratio of torospheric part "h" to the head inner diameter "D" corresponds to h<0,2D(R/D>1)
Type 2 – h = 0,2 D (R/ D=1)
Type 3 – h = 0,25D(R/D<1)

The heads are produced by method of cold forming using stamping machine made by "Schleifstein", Germany.

Both Customer’s metal or blank parts and Vendor’s metal can be used for the heads making (at least 20 pcs. lot).

In accordance with the client’s option performed may be thermal, chemical and blasting treatment; the heads ends plasma or mechanical treatment.


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