Cryogenic Storage and Gasification Systems

For 65 years running, “Cryogenmash” PJSC produces systems for cryogenic products storage, transportation and gasification, which operate successfully at numerous metallurgy, engineering premises, chemical industry, oil & gas and medicine, in the Russian Federation, the CIS countries, as well as far abroad.

We manufacture the liquid cryogenic products storage systems of 3 up to 1400 m3 storage capacity and of 1.7 MPa working pressure. Cryogenic products storage, transportation and gasification systems made by Cryogenmash are produced on the basis of recent scientific research and development using high-tech materials including stainless steel, for manufacture of the inner vessel and control, shut-off and safety valves.

Storage systems are designed for receipt, storage, transportation and gasification of the following liquid cryogenic products:

  • nitrogen;
  • oxygen;
  • argon;
  • hydrogen;
  • LNG.

For customers convenience, “Cryogenmash” PJSC manufactures standard compact storage systems in vertical and horizontal versions. Compact storage systems are supplied in full factory readiness and can be operated right after installation on foundation.


For consumers, requiring liquid cryogenic products transportation, “Cryogenmash” PJSC manufactures transport tankers of 8, 22, 30 and 45 m3 capacity.



One of “Cryogenmash” PJSC ’s activity trends is creation of liquid cryogenic products gasification systems (oxygen, nitrogen, argon). These systems are designed for the Customer’s specific requirements taking into account the optimum use of different gasifier models. The systems are intended for liquid cryogenic products receipt, their long-term minimum-loss storage, gasification and delivery of gaseous product through atmospheric evaporators to consumer. The gasifiers are produced with the capacity of 3, 5, 10, 25, 26 m3. The gasifiers are completely autonomous in operation, do not require exterior power sources and use atmospheric air heat for gasification. The significant advantage of gasifiers is the automatic control of the product delivery mode. The gasifiers ГХ, ГХК include the compact storage systems and product atmospheric evaporators.


According to the Customer’s specification, “Cryogenmash” PJSC can design and manufacture the systems for cryoproducts storage, transportation and gasification with the required parameters (storage capacity, working pressure, flow rate) using the manually or remotely controlled valves.


“Cryogenmash” PJSC has a significant proven experience in manufacturing large-capacity custom-built tanks for storage of the following cryogenic products:

  • process gases (nitrogen, argon, oxygen);
  • carbon dioxide;
  • liquefied natural gas;
  • hydrogen.

The tanks made by “Cryogenmash” PJSC feature safety, technological flexibility and economic feasibility. The advantages of custom-built tanks manufactured by “Cryogenmash” PJSC are as follows:

  • the tanks can be manufactured in a horizontal version that reduces the production induced risks;
  • the tanks can be transported by traditional kinds of transport (road, rail and sea transports);
  • large-capacity tanks of up to 1400 m3 capacity can be manufactured and mounted at the Customer site;
  • use of the most efficient screen-vacuum insulation helps to prevent the stored cryoproducts losses;
  • individual co-operation with the customers on all tanks design and manufacture stages ensures meeting their requirements to the best advantage;
  • manufacturing in compliance with the Russian industrial safety requirements, European codes 97/23/CE, as per the codes AD 2000 as well as American ASME;
  • proven best practices of space programs and large industrial programs execution.

Custom-built tanks made by “Cryogenmash” PJSC can be completed with the following:

  • pressurization evaporation (for pressure buildup in the tank),
  • required manually and remotely controlled shut-off, control and safety valves;
  • instrumentation and attachments for fastening to foundations.

Система хранения 250 м3.jpg

The inner vessel is made of cold-resistant austenitic steel grades, the outer shell is made of high-grade carbon steel. Additionally, on customers’ request the tanks can be completed with other kinds of evaporators, other equipment necessary for solving the customers’ complete range of problems on liquid cryoproducts storage.

Since 1959, “Cryogenmash” PJSC is the largest manufacturer of oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen supply systems for domestic launching complexes and test bed complexes for testing the rocket engines.

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The cosmodromes using facilities made by “Cryogenmash” PJSC are as follows:

  • "Vostochny" (Russia) – liquid oxygen storage and filling systems for the rocket-carrier “Soyuz”. In perspective, by 2018, liquid oxygen filling systems, nitrogen supply systems for rocket-carriers, thermostatting systems, oxygen-nitrogen production facility with the storage system.
  • "Plesetsk" (Russia) – liquid oxygen and nitrogen storage and filling systems, thermostatting systems for “Angara” rocket-carrier.
  • "Baikonur" (Kazakhstan) – liquid oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen filling systems for rocket-carriers, thermostatting systems, Oxygen & Acid Plant with the storage system, vacuum chambers.
  • "Energia" - "Buran”
  • "Sea Launch" (USA) - liquid oxygen supply systems and thermostatting systems.
  • "Centre SHAR" (India) – cryostage ISRO supply systems.
  • "Kuru" (French Guiana) – liquid oxygen and nitrogen storage and filling systems.
  • "KSLV" (Island Oenaro, South Korea) - thermostatting system.

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