Packaged Air Separation Units

Designed to produce oxygen, nitrogen, argon and rare gases mixtures from the ambient air by means of low-temperature rectification.

The ASUs are based on the most up-to-date circuit and design solutions, completed with assembly sets and units made by leading domestic and foreign manufacturers, and feature a high level of automation, safety and low specific power consumption.

The company manufactures ASUs both for complex extraction of products as gas or liquid, and for production of separate gases (oxygen and nitrogen), with separation products delivery under normal and/or high pressure and with adjustable capacity.

Cryogenic packaged ASUs reduce the commissioning period considerably.


Taking into account the rapid rate of works on updating production capacity by the Russian petrochemical companies, Cryogenmash designs and manufactures packaged ASUs for them. Such execution means the maximum factory readiness for operation, i.e. the facilities are delivered to its working site being assembled as large units, but not components. This approach reduces the assembly period at the site considerably, provides a higher quality of weld joints made and checked in factory environment, but not at the construction site – all these means result in saving time that is the most important resource for any modernization program.


The mastered technology of the practically series production of small and medium capacity cryogenic packaged ASUs allows to carry out works ahead of schedule and to manufacture finished products 2-3 months ahead of the contractual terms. For further details, please watch the video from the TV broadcasting “Machine Building”, “Russia-24” сhannel.