Cryogenic Pipelines

  “Cryogenmash” PJSC designs, manufactures cryogenic pipelines of DN10 up to DN750 for transportation of liquid cryoproducts (nitrogen, oxygen, argon, liquefied natural gas) with minimum heat gains from environment.


A cryogenic pipeline is a coaxial double-walled pipeline with vacuum screen insulation.

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According to the georeference, the cryogenic pipeline route is completed with the following components:

  • Cryogenic pipeline sections;
  • Compensator elements (expansion joints, metal hoses);
  • Connection elements (couplings, lenses, etc.);
  • Adsorption sections;
  • Vacuum ports for connecting evacuation means and vacuum control;
  • Supports, membrane safety devices and protective grounding devices.
  • Cryogenic pipeline sections are interconnected by welding.

Гелиевый трубопровод_ЦЕРН_Швейцария_почищ.jpg

Recently, our company has designed and manufactured pipeline sections for oxygen, nitrogen and argon.

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Heat inleak value is on the level of the best foreign analogues.

Heat inleak for 1 m of pipeline