Hydrogen Facilities

Manufacture of cryogenic complexes for hydrogen liquefaction, its long-term storage and transportation by rail and high roads started in the1960s, first of all, in connection with wide use of liquid hydrogen as fuel for space-rocket systems.


Cryogenmash has created numerous cryogenic complexes for ground treatment of rocket engines and stages, rocket fueling at start positions, and means for liquid hydrogen transportation to considerable distances. Such complexes can constitute the basis for development of hydrogen energetics grounding on hydrogen as the unique and environmentally friendly energy carrier.

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Cryogenmash has the required scientific engineering potential, production base and wide experience to ensure complex supply of liquefied hydrogen equipment. 

Process Equipment of Cryogenic Complexes

  • Large-tonnage liquefaction units with capacity of 180 up to 700 kg/h of hydrogen.
  • Hydrogen liquefaction units with helium cooling cycle and turboexpanders.
  • For small consumers of liquid hydrogen, the throttle liquefiers with capacity of 20 l/h are designed.
  • Liquid hydrogen storage tanks manufactured at the works, from 5 up to 250 m3;
  • Field assembled tanks with volume of 1400 m3;
  • Hydrogen gasification systems;
  • Tankers for hydrogen transportation of 25, 45 m3 capacity;
  • Hydrogen rail tankers of 100 m3 capacity. Rail tankers are completed with the valve rack and transportation safety devices;
  • Cryogenic pipelines systems for hydrogen transportation;
  • Hydrogen purification systems, turbo-expanders, heat-exchangers, valves, etc.;
  • Cryogenic equipment for steam-gas mixture separation during polycrystalline silicon production.


On customer’s request Cryogenmash’s specialists are always ready to answer all consequent questions, to prepare technical and commercial offer on cryogenic system or any other kind of hydrogen facilities. Cryogenic hydrogen facilities made by Cryogenmash are supplied to the customer at the maximum readiness for mounting, and operated successfully both in Russia and abroad.


First large-tonnage liquefiers of 180 up to 300 kg/h capacity were designed by “Cryogenmash” PJSC by the end of the1960s. The units using electrolysis hydrogen for liquefaction were put into operation at the Production Association “Electrochimprom” (Chirchic) and NIICHimmash (Sergiev Posad). Numerous cryogenic systems designed and manufactured by “Cryogenmash” PJSC operate at three cosmodromes, i.e. Baikonur, Plesetsk and Indian “Centre Shar”.