The important area of Cryogenmash business is supply of the commercial-grade and medical gases. As part of implementation of the strategic profile, Cryogenmash is aiming to be the leading supplier in the commercial-grade gases market due to consolidation of the existing companies and on-site delivery expansion. In 2016 the sales of the commercial-grade gases are exceeded 2 billion of Rubles.

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Based on the long-term experience, Cryogenmash proposed a new form of cooperation for the CIS market – customer оn-site delivery of gases. When concluding the long-term contracts for delivery of the commercial-grade gases, Cryogenmash, at its own discretion, builds and operates the own production at the Customer site, which is capable of supplying the commercial-grade gases to the primary production.

Eight such projects are currently implemented by Cryogenmash in Russia. They include the production of the commercial-grade gases for Seversk Tube Works (STW) and Pervouralsk Novotrubniy Zavod (CHTPZ Group), Taganrog Metallurgical Works (TMW) and for Izhora industrial site, Tomskneftekhim (SIBUR), TulachermetStal, Uralkhim and Zapsibneftekhim.

The projects of "Cryogenmash JSC" in the field of gas business are implemented by subsidiary companies: "Cryogas Ltd." and "Cryogenmash-Gas Ltd.".

Contact details:

"Cryogenmash-Gas" Ltd.

bld. w/o No., Izhora Plant , Kolpino, St. Petersburg, 196650

phone/fax: (812) 322 88 56

Tomsk division of "Cryogenmash-Gas" Ltd.

Constr.384, bld.2, 634067, Kuzolevsky highway, Tomsk town

phone: (3822) 70 30 23

"Cryogas Ltd."

7, Tereshkova Str., Balashikha, 143907, Moscow Region, Russia

Phone: (495) 521 63 69, (499) 400 26 06

"Cryogas Ltd." Division in Ekaterinburg

2, Cheluskintsev Str., office 33/1, Ekaterinburg, 620014

Phone: (343) 247 11 01

"Cryogas-Tula Ltd." 

18, Rogozhinskaya str., office 03, Tula

Phone: (910) 580 94 592