LNG Facilities

One of the “Cryogenmash” PJSC priority trends of development is the design of the new original cryogenic technologies and invention of facilities for natural gas liquefaction, storage, transportation and use. LNG facilities invention is in “Cryogenmash” PJSC scope since 1980s. Based on its capabilities and experience, “Cryogenmash” PJSC offers to provide the Customer with design, manufacture and supply of cryogenic facilities complex required for LNG technology implementation with installation, commissioning works and personnel training.

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  • LNG production units are based on cooling and cryogenic cycles, including application of energy-saving technologies using energy of pressure drop on the gas distribution station; approximate capacity range: 0.4 up to 10 tons of LNG per hour; specific power consumption: 0 up to 1 kWt*h/kg of LNG;
  • LNG storage systems based on packaged systems of full factory readiness for operation, using cryogenic tanks with screen-vacuum superinsulation; packaged LNG storage systems are produced with capacities of 5 up to 100 m3. Besides, LNG tanks with capacity of 250 m3 are produced.
  • LNG tankers for liquefied natural gas transportation with screen-vacuum insulation. The tankers are manufactured with capacity of 8 and 25 m3 for working pressure of 0.6 MPa. The tankers ensure LNG storage without drain during 7 to 10 days.
  • LNG gasification systems for different capacity LNG storage systems, with capacity of 100 up to 2000 m3/h; LNG gasification and gas heating are carried out in atmospheric evaporators with gas delivery at temperature of 15-20 degrees below the ambient one.
  • On-board filling systems with tanks of 90 up to 560 l capacity for LNG use in road transport;
  • Transport gasification systems of 20 up to 100 m3 capacity for LNG use in railway transport.
  • Front-end units for purifying natural gas of carbon dioxide and drying from moisture.
  • Automated monitoring and control system (ACMS) for LNG preparation, liquefaction and storage processes.


Introduction of efficient cryogenic technologies using LNG allows:

  • to provide gasification of facilities (boiler-houses, settlements) located far from gas supply pipeline network;
  • to make a fuel buffer stock of LNG with its further regasification and supply to the customer;
  • to convert road, air, railway and river transport to gas fuel using LNG as fuel buffer stock.

LNG is used as fuel for autonomous heat supply to industrial facilities and settlements having no gas supply pipeline networks. Potential Customers: community facilities, small enterprises, rural boiler-houses, municipal boiler-houses, small heat electric power stations; autonomous electric power stations; road transport companies; railway transport; air transportation associations, etc.

Liquefaction units are not the standard type equipment, as the schematic diagram and equipment configuration are determined depending on numerous parameters characteristic of a specific object, i.e. gas pressure, its content, valuable and harmful impurities content, moisture and solid impurities presence. A cycle choice is made at the stage when a technical and commercial offer is prepared. Specific power consumption and equipment cost depend on the chosen cycle and initial data.

For taking the Customer’s requirements into account, determining the LNG equipment configuration, we have developed a questionnaire. If you are interested in LNG technologies, please fill in the questionnaire and send it to our address. After receiving the questionnaire and working it out, we will be ready to provide you with a technical and commercial offer on LNG facilities.


Gasification systems based on packaged system and atmospheric evaporators manufactured by Cryogenmash have already been operated successfully for several years in LNG projects in the Leningrad Region for gasification of boiler-houses in the settlement Kransnyi Bor, in town Nikolskoye, and at Luzhskoi concentrated-milk complex, etc.


“Cryogenmash” PJSC can design, manufacture and supply sets of unit equipment, process lines and packages for processing hydrocarbon gases mixtures, including nitrogen-, helium-, argon- and hydrogen-containing ones.

Marketable products of these units are as follows: liquid and gaseous helium, hydrogen, nitrogen, ethane, propane-butane mixtures, propane, propylene, butanes, fuel gases including natural gas or LNG recovered from petroleum gases, etc., conforming to GOSTs, OSTs, Specifications, the Company Standard, or the technological purpose on Customer’s request.

The low-temperature separation technology used by “Cryogenmash” PJSC allows to carry out a deeper recovery of marketable products as compared to other existing technologies.

The advantages of the low-temperature gas rectification method application scheme include the achievement of the high ratios of recovery, for instance, of propane: up to 95% by volume, even from low-grade hydrocarbon gas mixtures (approximately 1% by volume).

Approximate units capacity as to gas to be processed: 3 000 up to 150 000 nm3/h (25 up to 1400 million Nm3/year).

If you wish to get more detailed information on feasibility to implement our cryogenic technologies for gas separation in specific conditions, please fill in the questionnaire and send it to our address.