Membrane Gas Separation Units

Since 1975, Cryogenmash deals with membrane technology based on selective permeability of gas mixture components through polymeric membrane.

In 1976 – for the first time in the world a pilot production unit – for hydrogen concentration of 500 m3/h capacity was put into operation at the Shchekino Production Association “Azot” for catalytic argon purification of oxygen.


In 1980 serial production of industrial membrane gas separation units was opened up. In these units the use is made of the new generation hollow-fiber modules.

The base of construction is modularity that helps to ensure the required product capacity by means of unified modules transformation.

Compared to the traditionally used methods of gas- and steam-gas mixtures separation, the membrane technology requires much less capital and operating expenses.

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Crogenmash uses the most perfect new generation hollow-fiber membranes in gas separation units production. A hollow-fiber membrane consists of porous polymeric fiber without microdefects, the service life of membranes exceeds 10 years. The base of construction is modularity that helps to ensure the required product capacity by means of unified modules transformation. This makes it possible to ensure the earliest possible issue of the necessary technical documentation on the individual projects, manufacture of the units and fast putting them into operation at customer’s. There are various possible modifications of the units, i. e. stationary, transport and transportable, mounted in a container and mounted directly on sites. Besides the serial units, Cryogenmash manufactures the units in accordance with the customer’s specific requirements.

Cryogenmash manufactures membrane units for various applications:

  • hydrogen concentration from the exhaust gases of catalytic reforming, petrochemistry waste gases, for further use in hydrogenation for high-value chemical products recovery, oil refining, etc.
  • nitrogen recovery for making the inert atmosphere and ensuring fire and explosion safety while storing hazardous substances, petroleum products, liquefied hydrocarbons, fire extinguishing in the mines, for ensuring proper conditions for the long-term storage of food products;
  • oxygen enrichment of air for medical needs and technological process in metallurgy.

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Membrane units of Cryogenmash’s make feature:

  • complex solution starting with engineering, design, manufacture up to putting fully completed units into operation;
  • compactness and high factory readiness for mounting;
  • competitive price and short pay-back period;
  • possibility to be manufactured in mobile and autonomous versions;
  • automatic operating duty and minimum attending personnel required;
  • quick bringing to the operating duty (in several minutes);
  • long service life (exceeding 10 years).


Cryogenmash’s membrane units feature the following capacity range:

  • hydrogen concentration: 100 up to 25000 Nm3/h,

          H2 concentration: up to 99.5 %, depending on feed mixture contents;

  • nitrogen recovery: 10 up to 5000 Nm3/h,

          N2 concentration: 95 up to 99.8 %;

  • air oxygenation: 10 up to 2000 Nm3/h,

           O2 concentration: up to 45 %.

Membrane units are used in different enterprises of the Russian Federation and abroad: in India, Bulgaria, PRC, Taiwan, Hungary, Australia.