Adsorption Units

Adsorption air separation units for oxygen and nitrogen production by means of pressure swing adsorption (PSA) without heating

Cryogenmash designs and manufactures a PSA unit for production of air separation gaseous products with specific parameters required by the Customer:

  • as to oxygen: producing capacity is from 50 up to 2 000 m3/hr at the product purity of 93±1% by volume of O2;
  • as to nitrogen: producing capacity is from 100 up to 3 000 m3/hr at the product purity of 99,9% by volume of N2.


Oxygen production by means of the offered oxygen production units is efficient in scrap recycling, repair and machine building enterprises, glass-blowing industry, medicine, fish farming as well as in mobile gas-plasma metal welding, brazing and cutting stations in building organizations.

The gaseous oxygen production units being designed are indispensable for ironworks and nonferrous industry, chemistry and petrochemistry, biological waste-water treatment stations, industrial and domestic waste utilization plants, ozonization stations for potable water treatment.

PSA units for nitrogen production will be widely used in petrochemical, chemical, food industries, in metallurgy, in power complex and agriculture.


PSA units advantages in comparison with existing low-temperature rectification air separation plants are as follows:

  • low cost;
  • short pay-back period;
  • easy maintenance (no qualified attending personnel is required);
  • compactness (occupied space is several times less than the one of the operating units);
  • fast bringing to the operation mode (0.5-1 hour versus 24-36 hours in case of cryogenic units);
  • possibility to be manufactured in mobile version;
  • packaged construction and high factory readiness for mounting (mounting expenses are 1.5-2 times less than in case of cryogenic units);
  • minimum number of the attending personnel required (1 person versus 7-9 in case of one-shift work schedule);
  • environmentally friendly process of oxygen and nitrogen production;
  • fire and explosion safety.

In 2005-2006, the oxygen PSA units were put into operation:

  • АдКт-0,075, with capacity of 75 m3/hr of O2 – for "Rinkolor" Ltd. (Russian-Italian joint enterprise dealing in pigments production, Noginsk);
  • АдКт-0,075-1, with capacity of 60 m3/hr of O2 – for Kolsk nuclear power station, Murmansk Region.

Later on, Unit АдА-0,6 for producing 600 m3/hr of gaseous oxygen was designed for Novoshakhtinsk Petroleum Products plant, Rostov Region, mounted and put into operation (in 2009).

In 2008, 2 PSA units (АдКт-0,6) with a capacity of 600 m3/hr of gaseous oxygen each were designed and supplied to “Naryanmarneftegaz” Ltd., Naryan-Mar.