“Turn-Key” Project Implementation

The services in the field of the air separation plants include traditionally the following: execution of “turn-key” projects, development of the technical and economic feasibility study, development of the design and project documentation, erection works, civil works, contract supervision, designer supervision, commissioning, training of personnel, service maintenance and revamping.


Up to date, Cryogenmash, being the leader of the Russian market for the industrial gas production equipment, is capable to fully perform all of these kinds of works and services.

The demand for services and works in the field of the air separation plants by metallurgical and petrochemical works and gas storage complexes is constantly growing. The plants of Cryogenmash for production of oxygen, nitrogen and other industrial gases are in operation practically at all Russian metallurgical and petrochemical works. The assignment of service of the plants, which are the auxiliary productions, to the specialized organizations, is economically viable for a customer than keeping the subsistence production.


Cryogenmash has the 65-years of experience in the development, manufacture and construction of the air separation equipment. Developing the service trend, Cryogenmash purchased a specialized design institute Giprokislorod, established a center for training of specialists in the field of air separation and created a unique team of specialists – engineers, installers, builders and managers.

Cryogenmash carries out the following:

  • Designing of productions of the air separation products;
  • Designing of cryogenic supply system;
  • Designing of cryogenic and electrolysis stations;
  • Designing of natural gas liquefaction systems;
  • Introduction of the designed plants and systems into industry;
  • Consulting on the process design of plants and facilities as an accredited specialized center of expertise;
  • Monitoring of oxygen plants state;
  • Warranty and post-warranty service;
  • Provision of customer with spare parts from warehouse;
  • Process and technical inspection of systems and plants, technical examination of the equipment in order to extend the assigned service life;
  • Pre-commissioning works;
  • Scheduled and repair works;
  • Technical diagnosis of vessels and tanks;
  • Vacuum works, etc.

Special Service Center is established in Cryogenmash for carrying out the service maintenance.

Development of Feasibility Studies

The feasibility study is an important stage for the large-scale projects. As a rule, the conventional consumers of cryogenic equipment perform the feasibility study by their own forces. Cryogenmash and our partner – Design Institute Giprokislorod submit to a Customer the feasibility study sections on the results of the site survey, preliminary studies of the plant diagram, its basic technical and economic data, outline drawings, lay-out, energy needs.

For a number of the facilities of the innovative trends (liquefied natural gas, separation of casing-head gases, enrichment and concentration of industrial gas mixtures, etc.) Cryogenmash under contract with Customer carries out a Feasibility Study in full by involving the necessary subcontractors and design organizations, as well as submits to Customer the studies of the project implementation variants based on the alternative gas separation technologies.

In cases of especial importance, related to the creation of the national scale facilities, Cryogenmash carries out the detail designs of systems as per its own specialization, that are required for a Customer to take critical decisions prior to concluding a contract for delivery of the launching filling and thermostatting systems, systems of purification and gas separation in the production of silicon and in petrochemical technology, etc.

Engineering and Development of Technical Documentation

Cryogenmash develops the design documentation for the whole range of manufactured products:

  • Cryogenic air separation plants (assembly drawings of units, turboexpander sets, mounting drawings of separation units, etc.);
  • Systems for storage, transportation and gasification of liquid cryogenic products (mounting drawings of cryogenic pipeline systems);
  • Liquefaction plants.

The equipment designing is carried out in the interrelated modern informational systems. CATIA v5 system (Computer Aided Three-dimensional Interactive Application) is one of the most common CAD (Computer-Aided Design) systems of high level. It is a comprehensive system of computer-aided design (CAD), production design (CAM -Computer-Aided Manufacturing) and engineering analysis (СAE – Computer-Aided Engineering), including the advanced set of tools of three-dimensional modeling, subsystems of programmed simulation of complicated processes, advances analysis tools and a unified database of textual and graphical information. The system allows to solve efficiently all the tasks of the technical preproduction – from the conceptual design to production of drawings, specifications, installation diagrams and control software for NC machine tools. Smarteam PLM system (PLM - Product Lifecycle Management) is the system for storage and management of all product data, obtained in the course of of its life cycle (designing, manufacturing and mounting). This system allows to manage the rights of access to data , provides the simultaneous operation with the data of various specialists, supports the unique character of the data, as well as it allows to carry out the easy and convenient retrieval of the required product data. The engineering analysis systems (СAE) are the systems for performing the strength, kinematic, hydro-gas-dynamic calculations of the designed structures. These programs allow the processes to be simulated and analyzed that take place during the actual operation of the products, thereby reducing the number of the full-scale tests.

Development of Design Documentation

Cryogenmash offers the design of the air separation plants, cryosupply systems and other facilities, which are related to the production and use of the air separation products and cryogenic liquids, their storage, transportation and gasification, rendering of engineering services in the field of designing. Cryogenmash engages the Design Institute Giprokislorod for development of the design documentation on location of the plants and systems at the facilities of Cryogenmash. Starting with the pre-contract stage, the two companies work closely till commissioning of the facility. In some cases, when cryogenic equipment is inseparably connected with the Customer process and equipment, Cryogenmash cooperates with the specialized design companies, with the most of which Cryogenmash has also the long-standing relations and the joint operation experience.

Contract Supervision and Designer Supervision

Cryogenmash renders services for contract supervision and designer supervision of erection of the equipment delivered by the company. These works include: technical supervision and control during mounting, commissioning and other works in order to ensure the specified parameters and maintain their quality level under operation in accordance with the concluded contracts; arrangement and carrying out the check of compliance with the requirements of the normative, design and process documentation, providing the specified level of the product quality; rendering of assistance to consumers in prompt solution of the matters on assurance of the quality of the items installation and maintenance; participation in the technical examination and in the designer supervision; acquisition and processing of the data on revealed nonconformities of the installed equipment. The works are carried out by highly-skilled specialists both as part of a general agreement for creation of the air separation plants, and also under separate contracts.


As part of fulfilling the works on creating the air separation plants on the “turn-key” basis, Cryogenmash undertakes to mount the delivered equipment. For this purpose, a specialized installation company is engaged on a tender basis, having the experience in arranging and carrying out the similar works, as well as all the necessary permitting documents. The mounting-process documentation (Work Execution Plan and Mounting Route Certificate) is developed before carrying out the mounting works.

The mounting is carried out by the highly-skilled specialists.


Cryogenmash provides the Customer’s attending personnel with training on operation and maintenance of the installed cryogenic equipment. The training is carried out by the company’s highly qualified specialists in accordance with a customized program. In the general case, the training consists of two stages:

The theoretical training takes place in Cryogenmash, and it is presented as the desk studies.

The practical training is carried out at the Customer’s within the commissioning period.

The practical knowledge level is determined in situ, and it depends on the experience and qualification of the personnel to be trained.

The contingent of trainees comprises shift supervisors, ASU operators, technologists, mechanics, instrumentation & control specialists.