Cryogenmash offers a package of services on the timely and high-quality service maintenance of operated cryogenic systems and plants. Our customers need to be sure that they make extra pay for the actual services, and also that all of the proposed solutions are perfect in in a technical sense and directed to the equipment trouble-free operation.


Cryogenmash Carries Out the Following:

  • Monitoring of oxygen plants state;
  • Consulting services;
  • Warranty and post-warranty service;
  • Provision of customers with spare parts;
  • Process and technical inspection of systems and plants, technical examination of the equipment in order to extend the assigned service life;
  • Pre-commissioning works.

Carrying out of Certain Kinds of Scheduled (Repair) Works:

  • Technical diagnosis of vessels and tanks;
  • Vacuum works;
  • Separate kinds of repair works (welding operations and other works), etc.

Special Service Center is established in Cryogenmash for carrying out the service maintenance.