Cryogenmash offers services on revamping of the existing air separation units.

Revamping covers the morally old-fashioned units that have worked for 20 years and longer as well as the units requiring definite changes in the technical characteristics.


Revamping may be carried out in a simplified or advanced variant.

In the process of a simplified revamping, the unit is modernized: all morally and physically old-fashioned equipment is replaced with the new, updated, more efficient and productive one. So, a regenerator unit is changed for the pre-purification unit (PPU) and a plate fin heat exchanger unit (ПРТ), and turboexpander sets are replaced with the turboexpander-compressor sets (ТДКА).


A significant part of equipment is kept up (mostly, distillation columns), some facilities are excluded (loop adsorbers, still liquid adsorbers). The unit is fitted with an updated monitoring and control system based on microprocessor technology (CMS). The revamped unit service life is prolonged by 10-15 years.


As a result of the advanced revamping, the unit becomes not only modernized, but also its engineering-and-economical performance is significantly upgraded. Not just the air purification and cooling units are altered (like in a simplified revamping), but the rectification unit is modified to a considerable degree as well. As a rule, the upper column is replaced, the process flow diagram and argon production unit become brand new. The unit is equipped with modern microprocessor technology (CMS). Being revamped in this aspect, the unit is assigned of 20 year service life that is equal to a new modern ASU service life.

Prior to revamping, all air separation units shall undergo the process and technical surveying.