The services in the field of the air separation plants include traditionally the following: execution of the “turn-key” projects, development of the technical and economic feasibility study, development of the design and project documentation, erection works, civil works, contract supervision, designer supervision, commissioning, training of personnel, service maintenance and revamping.

Up to date, Cryogenmash, being the leader of the Russian market for the commercial-grade gas production equipment, is capable to fully perform all of these kinds of works and services.

The demand for services and works in the field of the air separation plants by metallurgical and petrochemical works and gas storage complexes is constantly growing. The plants of Cryogenmash for production of oxygen, nitrogen and other commercial-grade gases are in operation practically at all Russian metallurgical and petrochemical works. The assignment of service of the plants, which are the auxiliary productions, to the specialized organizations, is economically viable for a customer than keeping the subsistence production.

Cryogenmash has the 65-years of experience in the development, manufacture and construction of the air separation equipment. Developing the service trend, Cryogenmash purchased a specialized design institute Giprokislorod, established a center for training of specialists in the field of air separation and created a unique team of specialists – engineers, installers, builders and managers.

Cryogenmash carries out the following:

  • Designing of productions of the air separation products;
  • Designing of cryogenic supply system;
  • Designing of cryogenic and electrolysis stations;
  • Designing of natural gas liquefaction systems;
  • Introduction of the designed plants and systems into industry;
  • Consulting on the process design of plants and facilities as an accredited specialized center of expertise;
  • Monitoring of oxygen plants state;
  • Warranty and post-warranty service;
  • Provision of customer with spare parts from warehouse;
  • Process and technical inspection of systems and plants, technical examination of the equipment in order to extend the assigned service life;
  • Pre-commissioning works;
  • Scheduled and repair works;
  • Technical diagnosis of vessels and tanks;
  • Vacuum works, etc.

Special Service Center is established in Cryogenmash for carrying out the service maintenance.