The delegation of PJSC “Cryogenmash” has taken part in the XI St. Petersburg International Gas Forum 2022


From 13th to 16th of September, PJSC “Cryogenmash” has presented its LNG solutions at the bench of Gazprombank (JSC).

The international conference “Business Dialogue Russia-Kazakhstan: Cooperation in the gas industry” has been held within the business program of the Forum, at which Deputy General Director for Commerce, Andrey Epishin, has made the report, concerning the prospects of cooperation with companies of the Republic of Kazakhstan, including the supply of equipment for LNG plants.


The report has quickened the interest, the dialogue continued outside the conference. 


Forum visitors, experts, and representatives of PJSC “Gazprom” subsidiaries saw a model of a standard low-tonnage natural gas liquefaction plant with capacity of 1.7 tons of LNG per hour, including LNG storage, transportation and filling systems.


“Cryogenmash” has manufactured a whole series of natural gas liquefaction plants, operating on a high-pressure throttle-ejector cycle with pre-cooling. The principal diagram of this type of installations combines simplicity of design and operation with high energy efficiency. More than 20 similar plants have been manufactured and are successfully operated within the performance range from 0.3 to 3 t/hr of LNG.


Photo of CLNG Tyulatchi, web-site

Currently, “Cryogenmash” has completed the construction of low-tonnage natural gas liquefaction plant in Tatarstan, with capacity of 1.5 tons of LNG per hour. Design works were performed for this facility, equipment for the preparation and liquefaction of natural gas, and storage system based on two vertical cryogenic tanks with capacity of 63 m3 each manufactured and installed.

Also, “Cryogenmash” is working on the design and manufacture of the main process equipment for liquefaction of natural gas with capacity of 1.5 tons per hour for the Kargala LNG complex in the Tomsk Region, 1.7 tons per hour for LNG complexes in the Moscow and Samara Regions.

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