Successful start of launch vehicle “Angara”

28.12.2021 On 27th of December, 2021, the heavy-lift launch vehicle “Anagara-A5” with new-generation upper stage “Persei” was successfully started from the Plesetsk launch site. This is the third successful start of “Angara” group rocket. “Cryogenmash” developed and supplied the cryogenic products filling system and thermostatting system for this launching facility.

Congratulations to colleagues with launch vehicle successful start!

Since 1959, “Cryogenmash” has been the largest manufacturer of oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen support systems for domestic launch facilities of launch vehicles “Soyuz”, “Zenit”, “Energiya”, “Angara” and others, launch vehicle engines test benches, and the air separation plants for oxygen and nitrogen production.

At the present time, the systems manufactured by “Cryogenmash” are operated at 1/3 of the world’s main launch sites.

Liquid cryogenic products (oxygen, hydrogen) storage and filling systems) of modern launch vehicle, and nitrogen suppling systems are based on cryogenic storage facilities, consisting of tanks with capacity of 1400 m3, and allow providing the feed to the launch vehicle tanks of the rocket fuel high pure cryogenic components.


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