Special report “Pure Energy. LNG Market Development”


Dmitriy Gorn's special report “Pure Energy. LNG Market Development” about the development of various gas liquefaction technologies in Russia, its delivery and shipment to consumers, about the fields of application and advantages of using liquefied natural gas has been shown on the “Russia 24” TV channel.


Special attention in the plot has been paid to the project performed by PJSC “Cryogenmash” for “Gazprom” - the manufacturing of experimental natural gas liquefaction plant. A feature of this plant is a completely domestic technology of natural gas liquefaction, using a multicomponent mixed refrigerant, comparable in efficiency with the best foreign analogues. 



The report also has presented the other “Cryogenmash” products for LNG mini-plants – a natural gas liquefier on the high-pressure throttle-ejector cycle, tanks for receiving, storage and supply of liquefied natural gas, tanker-semi-trailers for its transportation and the mobile cryogenic LNG filling road tanker.




For details, see the report “Pure Energy / ENERGETICA on the TV channel “Russia 24”

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