PJSC “Cryogenmash” participated in IX international conference “Industrial gases 2021”


IX international conference “Industrial gases 2021”, organized by CREON Conferences, was held in Moscow on 27th of April, 2021.


Alexander Mazin, Strategic Development Director of PJSC “Cryogenmash”, said about the present trends of the industrial gases (oxygen, nitrogen, argon) world and Russian markets, and new division of parts between the leading players. According to announced reports of the members of industrial gases market, and Unified Interdepartmental Statistical Information System data, the oxygen, nitrogen, argon sales in Russia in 2020 were almost 35 bln rubles; herewith, the part of Cryogenmash on-site projects was equal to 15%. Cryogenmash is one of three leading manufacturers of industrial gases in Russia, together with Air Liquide and Linde + Praxair.


The members interested in the message on the rare gases (krypton and xenon) market situation. Alexander Mazin said about the plant KKC-0,4 (largest in Russia) designed to production of krypton-xenon mixture from krypton-xenon primary concentrate (development, manufacturing of PJSC Cryogenmash, 2017), and about the plants designed to production of pure krypton and xenon from krypton-xenon primary concentrate discharged from the air separation plants as liquid (development, manufacturing of PJSC “Cryogenmash”, 2008, 2011), supplied to China.

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