JSC”Cryogenmash” concluded the contract on execution of a variety of works for Amur Gas Processing Plant construction

03.09.2014 In the frame of the contract with OJSC “VNIPIgazdobycha”, Cryogenmash develops design documentation, FEED documentation for ethane and NGL recovery unit, for nitrogen removal and helium & helium concentrate production unit (fine purification unit and helium liquefaction unit) as parts “Amur Gas Processing Plant” project. The cost of works on the contract is about RUR 1.3 milliard, the works should be completed by April 30th, 2015. “All Cryogenmash 65-year history is connected with participation in the state major projects and programs. Implementation of basic oxygen steelmaking and industrial chemistry progress, development of large-size liquid cryoproducts -feed system at the domestic and foreign cosmodromes, superconductivity mastering – Cryogenmash took part in all these projects. Construction of Amur Gas Processing Plant is an interesting sophisticated world project, and we are glad that our experience and potentialities are used in its realization. We do hope that Cryogenmash unique experience in helium systems development will be actual also for development and delivery of the main equipment for Amur Gas Processing Plant as our Russian company is competing on equal terms with the world leading manufacturers of cryogenic equipment” – says Mikhail Ispolov, Director General of “Cryogenmash JSC”. For reference: On May 21st, 2014, “Gazprom” and China National Petroleum Corporation signed a gas purchase-and-sale Contract per the “East” Route. The Contract validity term is 30 years, and it is expected that annually about 38 milliard m3 of Russian gas will be supplied to CPR. The “East” Route provides delivery of Russian natural gas to CPR from Irkutsk and Yakutia Gas Production Centers through “Power of Siberia” transfer line. The Chayandinsk oil and gas condensate field is the basic one for development of the Yakutia Gas Production Center. By the volume of gas reserves (C1 + C2 Categories), it belongs to unique ones: about 1.45 trillion m3 of gas and about 93 million tons of liquid hydrocarbons (recoverable). When developed completely, the field will ensure annual production of 25 milliards of m3 of gas and at least 1.5 million of tons of oil. “Power of Siberia” is a gas transmission system serving for gas transmission from the Irkutsk and Yakutia Gas Production Centers to the Far East of Russia and to China. For extraction precious components (namely, helium and ethane) from gas, “Gazprom” will build Amur Gas Processing Plant in the Amur Region. Construction of the gas reservoir of the Chayandinskoe oil and gas condensate field and building of the Amur Gas Processing Plant will start in 2015.
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Helium liquefier OG-3400. Preliminary design