Equipment of PJSC “Cryogenmash” in the Construction Center of Large-tonnage Offshore Structures


In a video plot about the completion of construction in Murmansk at the Construction Center of Large-tonnage Offshore Structures of the first of three lines of “Arctic LNG 2” plant, Tagir Nigmatulin, Director of control for manufacturing of the main process equipment of PJSC “NOVATEK”, has said about the work of cryogenic storage systems for cryoproducts of PJSC “Cryogenmash”: “NOVATEK always focuses on the domestic manufacturers. Here, the equipment produced in the Moscow Region at the “Cryogenmash” company is the gases storage system – here the oxygen, nitrogen and argon can be in a liquid state. Next - it is a heat exchanger, on which regasification is performed. The availability of these gases on site allows us conducting the welding, cutting the metal quickly and efficiently”. 


A new LNG manufacturing will be opened on the Gydan Peninsula, 70 kilometers from Sabetta and “Yamal LNG”. The project will differ significantly from “Yamal LNG”. Each of three lines of the plant will be built on gravity bas structures - floating platforms made of lightened concrete with LNG and condensate tanks. Process liquefaction lines of 14 modules will be installed on top. The first line of the plant is 90% ready - commissioning works are in progress; tests of large circuits - heat and power supply - are being completed. Before put the plant into operation in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District, the structure, weighing more than 600 thousand tons, will be towed from the Kola Bay to the shores of Gydan along the Northern Sea Route.

For details, see the video of YAMAL MEDIA

The operation of Arctic LNG -2 of NOVATEK will start in 2023, according to the plan. (

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