“Cryogenmash” on TV channels “Russia 24” and “NTV”


On 6th of October, a “Special Report: Noble Production” has been released on the Russia 24 TV channel about the current state of the market of inert gases required for manufacturing of microchips, in space industry and medicine, about the specific features of their manufacturing. To prepare the plot, filming has been performed at PJSC “Cryogenmash”, the largest domestic manufacturer of cryogenic air separation equipment and equipment for the production of rare gases.

See “Special Report” on the “Russia 24” dtd 6/10/2022



On 9th of October, on the NTV channel in the program “Engineering Marvel”, Sergey Malozemov said about the operating principles of cryogenic equipment designed to produce air separation products, as well as about the practical use of oxygen, nitrogen and noble (inert) gases in various industries.

See the series of “Engineering Marvel” “From microchips to missile operations: how people use the noble gases” dtd 9/10/2022

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