“Cryogenmash” helps to develop professional education

20.10.2022 On 19th of October, Dmitriy Kuznetsov, General Director of PJSC “Cryogenmash”, Taras Efimov, Deputy of the Mosoblduma, and Denis Lukin, Director of the Balashikha Technical School, have solemnly opened a new electric and gas welding laboratory on the basis of the technical school.


Funds in the amount of 3.5 million rubles were allocated by “Cryogenmash”. Prior to the opening of the laboratory, the round table conference “Popularization of secondary vocational education among the youth of Balashikha" was held, which was attended by teachers of the educational institution and representatives of “Cryogenmash”. “In the 80s, this workshop functioned in our technical school and trained welders, but then it was removed from operation. Now, together with our colleagues from “Cryogenmash”, we have managed to renew it. We have done a significant work in 8 months: we have changed almost 80% of the equipment, performed large commissioning works. Now this workshop is functioning,” Lukin said.


According to Dmitriy Kuznetsov, the company intends to expand cooperation with the technical school, as today highly qualified workers are the greatest value for the company. “We are in increasingly short supply of qualified welders, turners, millers, so the decision to renew this practical laboratory has come to life. To do this, together with the technical school, we have made a small project, put the workshop in order during the summer, bought modern welding equipment, worked on the training program. It is very important for us, that students could also receive practical skills,” Kuznetsov noted.


Efimov noted that the technical school, with the support of its chiefs, has re-equipped six booths for conducting practical classes on electric and gas welding. Special tables have been installed, powerful extractor hood, new electrical networks have been installed. Four devices for manual electric welding and two devices for argon-arc welding have been purchased.

“In fact, we have returned to a once-forgotten bundle: technical school-manufacturing, when the institution trains specialists by order of the company. It is a good practice that should expand in Balashikha,” Efimov concluded.

According to materials of RIAMO, Balashikha

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