“Cryogenmash” has performed a unique shipment of equipment for the Construction Center of large-tonnage offshore structures


“Cryogenmash” has performed a unique logistics operation for the shipment of cryogenic air separation plant for the Construction Center of large-tonnage offshore structures (CCLOS), PJSC “NOVATEK”. On 12th of September, the equipment with height of 33 meters and weight of 65 tons, was sent by specific forty-meter road train from the Balashikha manufacturing site to Belokamenka Village, the Murmansk Region. The transportation route of the most complex equipment exceeds 2000 km, and arrival at place is expected in 12 days. The movement of the column goes only at night, according to the rules of transportation of bulky and heavy cargoes by road.


The air separation plant manufactured by “Cryogenmash” is designed to the nitrogen, oxygen and compressed air production station. The specific feature of this plant is that design solutions for the layout allow supplying the equipment in modular design, i.e. the maximum possible scope of works on the assembly and testing has already been performed right during the manufacturing. This approach gives the customer undeniable advantages – the time and cost of construction and installation are significantly reduced.

This is not the first project implemented by “Cryogenmash” for CCLOS: cryogenic systems for receiving, storage and gasification of liquid oxygen, argon and nitrogen based on 17 cryogenic tanks are already operated on site.

“Our company has manufactured more than 600 cryogenic air separation plants, which have been supplied to 25 countries around the world. The plant for “NOVATEK” is unique in its design - it is the cold box designed as per the customer individual requirements, manufactured and tested in plant conditions. Our process solution will significantly reduce the time for putting such air separation plant into operation,” says Dmitriy Kuznetsov, General Director of PJSC “Cryogenmash”.



The Construction Center of large-tonnage offshore structures (CCLOS) in Belokamenka is one of the key facilities of the LNG equipment industry being created in Russia: gravity base structures (GBS) manufacturing, integration of LNG equipment, construction of large-sized modules and manufacturing of liquefaction lines at GBS are performed on its site

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