“Cryogenmash” at the conference “Industrial Gases and Gas Cylinders 2024” in Moscow

21.05.2024 The XII Industry Conference “Industrial Gases and Gas Cylinders 2024” (organized by CREON Conferences) has been held in Moscow on May 16. “Cryogenmash” is a regular participant of the annual event, where discusses the main current trends, ongoing changes and the development forecast for the market of industrial gases, equipment for their production and use in Russia.The representatives of metallurgical and chemical companies have attended at the conference, being both producers and consumers of industrial gases; besides, the representatives of medical institutions, gas business, developers and suppliers of equipment for gas production, expert analysts and others have attended.


Alexander Mazin, Strategic Development Director of JSC “Cryogenmash”, has made a report, in which he assessed the dynamics of production and sales scope of oxygen, nitrogen and argon in Russia over the past few years. The total scope of gas supplies (sales) in the country has reached 35% of the production scope, which is still 2 times lower than the global average level (60-80%). In monetary terms, sales of oxygen, nitrogen and argon in the Russian Federation grew by 46% over the year - up to RUB 85 bln in 2023.


In his report, Alexander Mazin has presented statistics on medium and large cryogenic air separation plants (ASP) currently operating in Russia, of which more than half are the equipment manufactured by “Cryogenmash”. About 1/5 of the air separation plants, existing in Russia, are produced by European and American manufacturers that have left the Russian market, which leads to difficulties for customers in further operation of these plants as the equipment wears out and ages.

The representative of the company also has told the conference participants about the development and production of cryogenic equipment of “Cryogenmash” for the space industry in Russia and abroad, about the peculiarities of modern technical solutions of completed projects.

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