“Cryogenmash” at “Industrial gases and gas cylinders 2023”

26.05.2023 On May 18, the XI Industry Conference "Industrial gases and gas cylinders 2023" was held I Moscow (organized by CREON Energy), which was attended by more than 50 specialists from key manufacturers of technical gases, rare gases and air separation equipment, as well as the largest consumers of technical gases - leading companies of Russian metallurgy and gas chemistry. This year it was coincided with the 100th anniversary of birth of V. P. Belyakov – the outstanding Soviet scientist, general designer of cryogenic equipment, the major head and organizer of science and production, the developer and general director of the scientific and production association "Cryogenmash".

Alexander Mazin, Strategic Development Director of PJSC “Cryogenmash”, presented the report “Union of science and production – the basic principle of development of domestic cryogenic engineering" on the main stages of the labor path of V.P. Belyakov, the largest projects of the cryogenic engineering industry and current trends in the development of the technical gases market in Russia. The message aroused keen interest among the participants, representing by NLMK, MMK, TMK, Ecolant, Shchekinoazot, etc.


On May 19, the technical visit to the production complex of PJSC “Cryogenmash”, Balashikha, was organized for the conference participants. Representatives of “Cryogenmash” said about the scientific and production capabilities of the company, current projects in Russia and abroad. The largest consumers, producers of technical gases were able to see all stages of the process of cryogenic equipment manufacturing – from the development of technology and design documentation to production, testing and shipment of finished products.

"Representatives of metallurgical companies were able to get answers to questions related to the effectiveness of currently available technologies for the production of technical gases, as well as to discuss the prospects of implementation of projects in production of mixtures of rare gases, using the equipment of PJSC “Cryogenmash”.

In the opinion of PJSC “MMK”, the equipment of PJSC “Cryogenmash” has high reliability and efficiency; it is confirmed by many years of experience in operating under conditions of its maximum load”, said Dmitry Savinkov, Senior Manager UOZ of MMK PJSC. “I would like to emphasize that the leader of the Russian cryogenic industry demonstrates the highest standards not only in the field of production, but also in openness. Thus, the technical visit to “Cryogenmash” allowed the conference participants getting the first-hand information about the work of the company”, concluded Sanjar Turgunov, General director of ZAO “Creon Energy”.

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