Carrier Rocket “Angara” Successfully Launched


In this letter, the management of the Launching Complex developer congratulates JSC “Cryogenmash” with the successful launch of a new carrier rocket “Angara” and expresses gratitude to all company's employees for having contributed to creation of advanced samples of space technology.

For the launch complex “Angara”, JSC “Cryogenmash” employees have developed and delivered the newest liquid oxygen filling system, nitrogen supply system, low-pressure temperature control system and high-pressure temperature control system.

Almost all Cryogenmash’s workers have contributed to the large-scale project of designing and manufacturing “Angara” unique equipment. We would like to mark out the following colleagues: Yu. V. Babaev, A. V. Bogolyubov, V. V. Govorunov, A. P. Ilyinskiy, Yu. V. Kozlov, M. V. Krasovitskiy, N. M. Lavrentyev, Yu. V. Lastovskiy, A. G. Lebeda, A. I. Modestov, Ye. V. Salnikova, A. I. Safronov, V. M. Titov, and to congratulate all Cryogenmash’s workers with the significant achievement.



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