Amur Gas Chemical Complex and OMZ Group company have concluded the long-term agreement on industrial gases supplies

10.08.2021 Amur Gas Chemical Complex LLC (joint venture of SIBUR and Sinopec) and the subsidiary of PJSC OMZ, Cryogenmash Razvitie LLC, have signed the general contract for the design, supply and construction of the air separation plant, the long-term lease agreement and the long-term contract for supply of industrial gases for a period of 22 years. This is the third project in the framework of cooperation between PJSC OMZ and SIBUR Group in the supply of industrial gases.

Photo: cryogenic ASPs for dry air and nitrogen production of PJSC Cryogenmash for ZapSibNeftekhim petrochemical complex in Tobolsk

Cryogenmash Razvitie LLC will build and operate the air separation plant at the industrial site of Amur Gas Chemical Complex, and PJSC Cryogenmash (member of OMZ Group) will manufacture it. The air separation plant is a set of equipment for providing the company with low and high pressure gaseous nitrogen, as well as utility air. It is able to fully provide industrial gases for the gas chemical production of the Amur Gas Chemical Complex according to on-site supply (OSS) scheme. This is the ninth on-site project in the asset structure of PJSC OMZ.

Photo: engine room of the dry air and nitrogen production plant of PJSC Cryogenmash for ZapSibNeftekhim petrochemical complex in Tobolsk

“The companies that are the members of SIBUR and PJSC OMZ have a long-term mutually profitable cooperation. Earlier, implemented were projects for the transfer of industrial gases supplies under the outsourcing scheme at the Tomsk site of the company, as well as the supply of industrial gases for the ZapSibNeftekhim complex in Tobolsk. Cooperation with the leading representative of cryogenic industry in the country will allow the Amur Gas Chemical Complex receiving reliable supply of energy resources,” – said Alexey Vereshchagin, General Director of Amur Gas Chemical Complex LLC.
“The ASP structure for the Amur Gas Chemical Complex will include two cryogenic plants of A-23 type, compressed dry air production plant, liquid nitrogen storage and gasification system. The maximum total capacity for low and high pressure nitrogen is more than 67 thousand m3/h, compressed dry air is more than 40 thousand m3/h. Working for companies from the SIBUR Group is both great responsibility for us, and confirmation of trust to us as the manufacturer of complex cryogenic equipment and the business partner,” - said Dmitriy Kuznetsov, General Director of PJSC Cryogenmash.


Amur Gas Chemical Complex (AGCC) is a joint venture between SIBUR and China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation (Sinopec) for the production of polyethylene and polypropylene brands demanded at the Russian and world markets. The Complex production capacity will be up to 2.7 million tons of finished products per year: 2.3 million tons of polyethylene and 0.4 million tons of polypropylene.

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