100 years have passed since the birth of the first General Director of NPO “Cryogenmash”

17.05.2023 17th of May, 2023, 100 years have passed since the birth of the first General Director of NPO “Cryogenmash” - Viktor Petrovich Belyakov (17th of May, 1923 ― 27th of August, 1986).

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He is world-famous scientist, designer, developer of scientific school in the field of cryogenic equipment.

1946 – graduate of MAI
1948 – 1950 OKB-1 MAP
1950 - 1963 research institute (NII)-88 MAP, Head of test station, Chief Designer ad Head of Department
1963 - 1968 NII Khimmash of MOM, Deputy director of research
1968 - 1972 VNII Cryogenmash of the Ministry of chemical and oil engineering, Director and Chief Designer

In 1972, based on the Cryogenmash VNII and the Engineering Plant named after the 40th anniversary of October, Balashikha Order of Lenin Scientific and Production Association of Cryogenic Engineering was established. V.P. Belyakov was appointed as Director and Chief Designer, and then – as General Director and Chief Designer.

V.P. Belyakov was chosen as corresponding member of ASUSSR in 1979.

Author of more than 120 inventor's certificates.

V.P. Belyakov held the research and design developments of the latest samples of cryogenic equipment and cryogenic technologies:
• new generation of air separation plants for rocket and space equipment, metallurgy, chemistry
• hydrogen liquefaction plants for ensuring of rocket and space equipment
• systems for actual use of super conductivity in science and technology
• cryogenic equipment for the defense and rocket and space equipment, first of all – “Cryogenic center” at Baikonur for filling of “Energia – Buran” with cryogenic fuels
• space simulators.

Hero of Socialist Labor, recipient of two Orders of Lenin, Order of the Badge of Honour. Lenin Prize and USSR State Prize winner.

In 1985, V.P. Belyakov was appointed as General Designer of cryogenic equipment of Minkhimneftemash of USSR.

One of the streets in Balashikha was named after V.P. Belyakov.

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