“Cryogenmash” develops a prototype of a tanker-container for transportation of liquid helium by road and water transport

28.05.2024 On May 24, the XII International Conference “Helium 2024” (organized by Creon Conferences) has been held in St. Petersburg. Key market players - representatives of helium producers and suppliers, helium production and transportation equipment, scientific organizations, expert analysts from Russia, the neighboring CIS countries and China - took part in the discussions of the conference topics. Much attention has been paid to new helium production technologies and the problems of container shortages, as well as the difficulties of transportation and storage of liquid helium.


Irina Vasilieva, Head of Section, Apparatus and Tanks Department, JSC “Cryogenmash”, has presented a report on the design features of a prototype tanker-container intended for temporary storage and transportation of liquid helium by road and sea transport. The volume of the tanker-container being developed is equal to 40 cubic meters, working pressure is equal to 0.6 MPa. The tanker-container will have screen-vacuum insulation with a nitrogen screen. Effective solutions of the design of the support system, hangers and nitrogen screen of “Cryogenmash” will ensure the minimum level of heat inleaks from environment and will allow achieving an increase (compared to analogues) of time for the drainless storage of liquid helium for transportation up to 45 days.


Liquid helium equipment is one of the most complex and science-intensive types of cryogenic products. It is required to use specific materials and production technologies, experience in working with extremely low temperatures. Only a few countries in the world have such knowledges - and Russia is one of them. “Cryogenmash” has experience in manufacturing the efficient helium equipment for Russian and Indian companies. The company has developed and brought to Russian and foreign markets stationary and transport tanks for cryogenic products at the temperature level of minus 253 degrees Celsius and below.

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