Quality policy

“Cryogenmash” JSC is the leading Russian company of cryogenic engineering satisfying the needs of industrial enterprises by cryogenic and general-purpose high-quality competitive products, and providing new possibilities for consumers, partners, employees and stockholders.

High quality of activity and competitiveness are the basis for enhancing of economic security of society and each separate employee. Quality policy is a main component of the company general policy, and its principles are the key criterion for managerial appraisal.

The quality is ensured by the following principles of activity:

  • constant correspondence to the requirements and increasing the quality management system efficiency;
  • systematic analysis of environment taking in account political, social, competitive, economic, technological, international and market factors;
  • systematic analysis of traditional markets and perspective markets for designing and installation of new product types, and of their marketing;
  • identifying current and perspective demands of the actual and potential Customers to manufactured products and goal-oriented activity on satisfying the demands;
  • confirmation of the activity high quality by the quality system licensing and certifying in competent certification centers (bodies);
  • prevention of conditions causing defects;
  • improvement of economic situation of each employee and the company as a whole;
  • interaction with suppliers, contractors and consumers on mutually advantageous terms;
  • maintenance of high production standards.

QUALITY POLICY is based on the growing scientific-technology and production possibilities and is carried out by means of the following:

  • leadership of the Management Board of Directors;
  • system approach to organizing the works for quality as per the Interntional Standard ISO 9001;
  • highly qualified personnel of the company;
  • creation of the modern flexible multiproduct production complex;
  • research in perspective fields of cryogenic science and introduction of the results into the products manufacturing;
  • improving of technological processes, increasing efficiency of inspection and testing of manufactured products;
  • allocation of resources required for functioning and improving of the quality management system.

QUALITY POLICY is accepted and applied in all levels of the organizational structure, and is binding to all services, departments and employees.