PJSC Cryogenmash executed successfully the first stage of vacuum tests at PPTF for ITER

09.06.2017 At the end of May – in early June, 2017, the employees of PJSC Cryogenmash, started successfully the full-scale tests of sealing flange of the upper port plug with various types of seals at the specially installed vacuum test facility. It is one of the most important stages prior to production commencement of ITER Port Plug Test Facilities, so called PPTF (Port Plug Test Facility).

Port Plug Test Facilities are the units intended to vacuum, thermal and functional tests of port plugs (or nozzles), which lead to ITER tokamak vacuum chamber. According to Supply Agreement signed in 2011, PJSC Cryogenmash, being the member of OMZ Group (United Heavy Machinery Plants), shall manufacture and supply four such facilities to ITER Organization through to 2023.

The purpose of tests started last week is the selection of flanges seals types for various criteria: reliability, price, design-process characteristic of seals, etc. The tests include several thermal cycles with the temperature change from the room one to 240°С (heating and cooling), as well as leak test by helium using the mass-spectrometric method.

The first and the most important tests stage – leak test – was executed by qualified personnel of PJSC Cryogenmash with witness of representatives of ITER International Organization and “ITER-Center”, Private foundation of the State Atomic Energy Corporation “Rosatom” (Russian ITER Agency).

Earlier, in 2014, such tests were executed at the territory of the company located in Moscow Region. However, if in 2014 used were the flanges manufactured for Cryogenmash in France, then this time the flanges were manufactured directly within PJSC Cryogenmash.

These tests are the important stage towards the production of Port Plug Test Facilities, as even the slightest leaks are unallowable for successful execution of the required tests; such leaks, if any, will not allow achieving the required vacuum and, in fine, will not allow starting plasma experiments at ITER tokamak.

The first tests stage exceeded expectations even of ITER International Organization representatives: the leak test by helium indicated that there were no leaks prior to completion of final bolt tightening. It indicates the firm and reliable fit of the sealing to the flange. Hence, less than in 1,5 hours, during the air cold pumping, achieved was the vacuum value up to 10-4 Pa.

Source: ITER project center

Photo: ITER project center

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