Organization of works meant to comply with the requirements to environment protection from Cryogenmash industrial activity is in accordance with environmental legislation of the Russian Federation. Requirements to organization of works on environmental protection and to checking procedure as to meeting the environmental protection requirements are specified in the normative document of the joint stock company – “Environmental Protection. Organization of Works, Checking Procedure” which is binding for all company services.

Management of checking procedure as to meeting the environmental protection requirements is executed by the Technical Director.

In the joint stock company, there is the Environment Protection Service of  Health and Safety Department and physical-chemical analyses-, tests and sanitary & industrial researches laboratory as part of the Central Works’ Laboratory accredited by the Federal Agency for Technique Regulation and Metrology as competent and independent, what allows it to provide complex and on-time monitoring of ensuring healthy and safety working conditions as well as of preventing pollution, negative impact on environment (monitoring of compliance with environmental requirements in technologic processes, territory ecological state control, scrap collection and recovery control).

Laboratory of physical-chemical analyses, tests and sanitary & industrial researches as part of the Central Works’ Laboratory take instrument measures to check conformity with regulatory requirements as to work zone air, noise characteristics, intensity of illumination, temperature conditions, industrial storm sewage, after considering them – harmful factors analysis is carried out with further planning of technical procedures aiming at ensuring and maintaining healthy and safe work conditions for personnel and at preventing production activity contamination negative affect on environment.

Besides, for additional control of influence on environment, the Sanitary and Epidemiologic Center of the Moscow region and Centre of Laboratory Analysis and Technical Metrology of Central Federal District are also involved in laboratory analyses and measurements.